01 June 2013

BlogShoot 6-1-13

We came, we saw, we destroyed many rounds of .22 LR (and a few rounds of other things as well).

(updated as memory of details allow)

Why yes, those ARE black powder rifles above my Marlins and on either side of the lever action, and the Tapco catalog in the middle lost a few pieces as the day went on.

We had a few handguns as well, including THE Handgonne, although it did not make an appearance on the range. Still, I can say I have seen it, I have held it in my hands, it does exist, and when it is out of ammo it would still be a formidable weapon.

I can now put faces to a few more names; New Jovian Thunderbolt, A Girl (and her guy, and 3 of the 4 up-and-coming Olympian shooting team members), AJ and Clay to name a few.

The board you see in the background has dum-dums stuck in holes drilled in the top. I didn't see "Use them as targets" in their "20 Ways to Use Dum Dums Lollipops" list, but the setup was certainly fun and interesting. The white smiley face target is above and to the right, the face didn't last long but a can of white spray paint kept it visible all through the day.

Youngest Son got some instruction from the Appleseed instructors as well as from Old NFO, so he had a great time as well.

The new scope on the Marlin 60 and the new Marlin 795 with its TechSights both worked great, and were actually sighted in right off the bat much to my surprise. The magazine release on the 795 isn't the best designed mechanism in the world, and you have to pull the magazine free because it won't drop out. Irritating, but not a show stopper. The Marlin 60 consumed the bulk .22 ammo without issue (unlike last time), but the Glock hated my reloads with the moly coated bullets. I'm going to see if they will go through Range Partner's guns. If they will, I'll make a gift of them.

The Appleseed instructor also had a 795 and he brought a 25 round ProMag magazine for it which I got to try out. I was considering getting a couple but was worried about feeding issues. He said the only problem he has had with it is there is no indication to show how many rounds are loaded, and the last 5 rounds are hard to load, but no issues with feeding rounds into the chamber. Not having a visual indication means you have to count the rounds as you load them, otherwise you won't know how many are in the magazine. This is a relatively minor issue, although I'm sure it is an annoyance. I must have at least one.

Afterwards much grub was consumed, and I brought both kinds of sauce (right and wrong) for the pulled pork. No pictures of that, too busy eating!

All in all, a great day with great people and fun shooty goodness.  I'm looking forward to the next meet.


Anonymous said...

Awesome! Sure wish I'd been able to tag along. Glad y'all had a good time.

Larry said...

Yep, we had a good time. Sorry you missed it.

MSgt B said...


agirlandhergun said...

I sent you an email. I am upset and also that is an awful picture of me:)

Larry said...

Got it, and yes the picture is a little blurry... ;)