19 October 2006

Extra! Extra!

Driving home from work this morning (I work nights) I heard on the radio where NFL stadiums may have been targeted for dirty bomb attacks. The idea, straight from a Tom Clancy novel, was to load box trucks with "dirty" bombs and park them next to football stadiums, then detonate them while the games were in progress.

Driving back to work this evening I hear on the radio that the whole thing was a hoax. Of course I already knew this yesterday from the Jawa Report. Score another scoop for the blogs. Note that the post was updated on the 19th, but the original post was written on the 18th.

And from Ace O' Spades, this unbelievable report: the French court has punished Philippe Karsenty for exposing a fraud. Kind of reminds me of the line that Jacksonville Florida radio personality Robbie Rose used to sign off with, "Remember folks, no matter how bad it is, it ain't that bad".


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