27 November 2006

Link Whorage

As you may or may not already be aware, members of the Watcher's Council hold a vote every week on what they consider to be the most link-worthy pieces of writing around... per the Watcher's instructions, I am submitting one of my own posts for consideration in the upcoming nominations process.

Here is the most recent winning council post, here is the most recent winning non-council post, here is the list of results for the latest vote, and here is the initial posting of all the nominees that were voted on.

And without further ado, I would like to nominate my own post, Peace, for your consideration.

UPDATE 1 December 2006: WOOHOO! I came in seventh in the non-council links! Thanks to the lone person who voted for me, whoever you are.


yankeemom said...

Larry, I think your post, "Peace" is right on the money! As someone said ( I can't recall who at this moment), Our being on the moral high ground is going to get a lot more US soldiers killed, as well as innocent people. It seems our diplomats are confusing morality with no harm done to anyone. Our enemies see it as weakness. I don't necessarily care about being liked by the rest of the world - esp. if it means praying 5 times a day.
Thanks for stopping by ~ I think I'm going to start using my louisville slugger for a walking stick when I'm out and about around here...heh!

Larry said...

WOOHOO!!!Happy Day! My first comment not from a spambot!
Thanks for stopping by Yankeemom, and tell that boy of yours thanks for all he does.