21 January 2007

Sandy Shakespeare

Under the heading of "Damn, I wish I had written that!" is a post from Teflon Don, a Combat Engineer with the United States Army, on his blog Acute Politics:

"I am a shameless romantic, a slightly better than average student of history, and there is a current of idealism under my skin that has not yet been dulled by reality. Sometimes, these qualities come together and leave me thinking to myself of times long gone and stories all but forgotten. Lately, I've been thinking of the paradoxical enormity and insignificance of my presence here."

What kills me is the tagline:

"I walk softly, for I tread on the ghosts of years."

James Wolcott doesn't appreciate aptitude when he sees it, but he's a no-talent hack that's managed to weasel his way into a writing job. He just wishes he was half this good.

I stand in the presence of greatness, a wordsmith of rare ability. I stand humbled, in awe.

Even if he is Army. No one is perfect.

Keep your head down TD, this old Navy guy is praying for you.

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