01 March 2007

Word From The Front

From Confederate Yankee comes a link to this story from al'Reuters about an Iraqi town that successfully resisted Al Qaeda terrorists' attempts to overtake their city.

As CY points out, the significant part of this event is the fact that the townspeople turned to Iraqi police to accomplish the deed. US forces took absolutely no part in the operation.

So far the MSM has Cronkited* the story in Iraq, completely ignoring the fact that most of Iraq is relatively quiet now, with the notable exceptions of Sadr City in Bagdad and parts of the Anbar province.

The surge is taking care of Sadr City, and now it looks like the Iraqi people are finally getting the confidence they need in their own police and army to start taking care of Anbar.

In case you weren't paying attention, this is exactly the kind of thing we were hoping for. It means that even though there have been mistakes made along the way, the overall strategy in Iraq is working.

I mean to say, it's what some of us have been hoping for. Unfortunately it doesn't fit the outcome that the MSM and assorted Lefties have been hoping for.

But, as CY once more points out, as long as Americans are more concerned with the fate of Anna Nichole Smith's mortal remains than with issues that will have long term importance, the story will not likely be told.

I'm just trying to help get the word out.

*Meaning, they have interpreted American casualties as "we are getting our asses kicked" regardless of the outcome of the particular battle or skirmish the American troops were in at the time, reminiscent of Walter Cronkite's declaration that the result of the Tet Offensive was that we could not win in VietNam. The truth is that we won that one, and it was enough to break the back of the NVA if we had stuck to it.

Ironically, this is the only similarity between Iraq and VietNam that actually holds true; the American people are becoming disillusioned by the war in Iraq because of the view held by the MSM that we can't win.

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