15 April 2007

All's Well That Ends Well

The world breathes a sigh of relief as militant Lutherans in the Midwest's notorious Manure Triangle suddenly and unexpectedly released 38 British Royal Marines that they had been holding since their April 10th capture on the Wisconsin side of Lake Michigan.

After three horror-filled days that included forced ingestion of pickled eggs and ice cold beer (a move that was deemed "inhuman" by room-temperature brew swilling occupants of The Dolphin Pub in Portsmouth, England), the crew of the ill-fated HMS Chamberlain were released in a show of goodwill from Pastor Duane Gunderson, leader of the Decorah insurgents.

Iowahawk has the full story here. Hopefully this act of charity by Pastor Gunderson will serve to ease the long-standing tensions between the war-torn Midwest and their British oppressors.

That guy just ain't right.

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