08 February 2008

And Then...

Mitt Romney has quit the Presidential contest, thereby conceding the nomination to John McCain. Mike Huckabee, as I predicted when he won the Iowa caucus, won't be the party's nominee.

Ron Paul doesn't have a chance. If he wasn't in league with the Truthers and other assorted idiots he might have done better. (Note to the Paul campaign, you have to act like you have a brain in your head and associating with fruit-bats isn't the way to do that.) I could have supported Ron Paul for president if it wasn't for his absolute pie-in-the-sky-be-nice-to-everyone-and-it-will-be-all-roses view on the War on Terror, his insistence on snatching defeat from the jaws of victory in Iraq, and his association with the nut-house inmates. Where has he been for the past 10 years?

And once again the GOP has told it's conservative base to eat the sandwich and shut up about it, people in China would be glad to have it, if you don't smile and chew we will have disasters of Biblical proportions, check's in the mail, I promise I won't c...er...you get the point.

What we will have is John McCain as the nominee, getting soundly trounced by the Democrat (whoever she ends up being), four years of absolute Carterish hell, followed (hopefully) by a re-awakening and a realization that Conservatism makes the party, not the other way around, then maybe we can get a Duncan Hunter or Fred Thompson nominated.

The message was sent last election cycle that given the choice between a Democrat and a Republican that acts like a Democrat people will go to the Democrat every time, that way there is no surprise. The GOP, predictably, misread the message. Maybe, just maybe, they will get it this time.

This year we will have disgruntled Conservatives go to the polls to elect Congress critters or Senators and either write in a candidate (I have heard everything from Fred Thompson to Mickey Mouse) or completely ignore the Presidential race altogether.

With luck we will have a crop of Conservative candidates to show for the Congressional and Senate races, and we will be able to put a block on the ambitions of the President. This should minimize the damage that can be caused in Supreme Court nominations, which is the club that the Party 'bots are trying to use to beat us up with. It isn't going to work, but it may leave some bruises.

If not, we will survive. We lived through the Socialization of the government in the Roosevelt years, we lived through stagflation and the misery index of the Carter years, and we will live through this as well.

But nothing will get that taste out of your mouth.

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