04 April 2008

That's Amore

Another budding romance dies aborning.

Mr Fixit has some advice.

I myself have loved and lost, as have so many. Almost 20 years later I harbor no animosity towards my ex. Meaning I no longer want her dead and in hell. There was a time though...

If we were still on talking terms (I haven't spoken to her since shortly after I got married again) I would tell her that I understand.

The simple fact is that being a Navy (Marine, Army or Air Force) Wife is a hard job, and not everyone is cut out for it. She wasn't, but she gave it her best shot.

She wanted someone that was 9 to 5, supper at 6, off weekends and holidays, split level ranch in the suburbs with the white picket fence, the whole 9 yards. That wasn't me, especially when I was Navy, and it still isn't to this day.

Lucky for me I found someone who would put up with me, which is half the battle right there. She is married to the guy that introduced us so long ago, one of her ex-boyfriends that was a good friend of mine. They have been married for over 14 years now so it looks like it worked out for them as well.

Now that it's so far in the past I would tell her that I wish her well, and hopefully there is a good memory or two in there for her.

AD and Babs, I hope there are good memories for the both of you, too. I'm sorry that time and distance could not be overcome.

God bless you both.

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