06 September 2008

Riding The Storm Out

All is well at the Refuge where we are in the path of Tropical Storm Hannah. It will pass well to the east of us if it stays on it's currently predicted path, but we will get some wind and rain.

We are getting some wind at present, we are due to be in the 40mph band until 4PM. We are also getting rain in earnest.

The power blinked twice, but came right back on both times.

I'm also happy to report that our roof, which had leaked for the backside of Gustav, seems to be holding up well with the repairs my son and I made on it yesterday afternoon. The insurance company won't cover the roof because it's "routine maintenance" but they will pay over 5K for the damages to the interior.

Silly, really. I could ignore the roof and have the insurance pay every time the ceiling caves in, but they won't fix the roof. That's the very definition of cost effectiveness.

Kind of reminds me of dealing with government.


DW said...

Thanks for the good wishes, glad to hear you are lucky too. The western part of the state doesn't get enough rain and strong wind to keep the weak trees sorted out. I'm remembering Hugo. The price of firewood didn't recover for years.

Larry said...

The rain we got should do us some good, luckily there wasn't much wind damage. Thanks for dropping by DW.