19 November 2008

Another New Link

Please welcome The Gonzman, from Gonzo's Bar and Go Go Grille.

The link is on the sidebar.

Go, read, enjoy.

Class 1 beverage alert in effect.

You have been warned.

This photo shamelessly stolen from Jenn of the Jungle.


AnnieMcPhee said...

Hehe, good pick. I really like the way he has just improved over the years both in style and substance, as well as the take-no-prisoners attitude. Now that I've had to stop steeping myself in the left's bloviating blatherings in order to spotlight their absurdity (it's one thing when they're on the margins, quite another when they have the house, the senate and the presidency locked up) I've had to fill that void with good, solid sources of reading material and networking. (One reason I found you!) He fits the bill so well; such satisfying rants and good plans - and it's nice to see he's updating pretty regularly too.

Larry said...

I, of course, found him via the Rott. No need to torture yourself by "steeping yourself in the left's bloviating blather", just watch the network news for that. As far as me being a solid source of reading material and networking, I'm both humbled and inspired. I don't really have a lot of good rants in me, I tend to get vapor locked when I get too irate, but when I've had a chance to think about it I can usually put what I want to say down into words. Thanks for dropping by, Annie, and come back any time.