03 September 2009

Oh For Petes Sake

There's a lot of ire in the rightosphere about the leftosphere using the term "teabagger" to refer to those of us who attend tea party events.

Get over it!

Own that term! We are the tea BAGGERS, not the tea BAGGED. If they want to make fun of us for being teabaggers, then they are obviously missing the point...it is they who are being bagged!

Next time someone calls you a teabagger, point that out to them.

Some of the ire is that there are people in positions of power who are using this term and their constituents see them as being crude and boorish. My response to that is to let them appear crude and boorish, and see how they fare come next election time.

At any rate, the use of the word does not harm us unless we let it. Don't let it!

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