04 May 2011

The Good And The Bad

I paid just over $50.00 to put just under 13 gallons of gas into the Banana Boat this morning. 87 octane, not the high grade stuff.

The pump asked me if I wanted a car wash. As it was raining at the time, I declined.

They should be offering a reach-around instead.

On a good note though, this has arrived and I have my weekend plans all set.


James said...

I ordered my copy today (er, yesterday). I selected SuperSaver free shipping, ordered the dead tree version of MHV and pre-ordered MH Alpha all at the same time to meet the $25 order limit to get said free shipping. Amazon has informed me that I won't get any of them until Alpha comes out in August. Unless I want to pay the shipping, of course. Being the frugal sort, I decided to wait. I might highjack your copy if the anticipation gets too bad.

Don't get me started on gas prices...

Larry said...

You are welcome to it when I get through it, although I'm a bit surprised you didn't spring for the E-ARC.
Thanks for dropping by James!

James said...

Thanks! Working @ walmart these days, that e-arc would've cost me two hours of hard labor . I am interested in hearing what you think about it, though.

Larry said...

Funny how counting the cost of things by the hours of labor really puts it into perspective.
Thanks for dropping by...again!