22 June 2012

Piling On

The whole Fast N' Furious thing is growing legs now with the declaration of executive privilege and all. Let me note that it would not have gone this far without the efforts of the internets, most notably David Codrea and Mike Vanderboegh. I haven't written anything about it mostly because others are doing a much better job, but I hope it's clear if the balloon goes up...I'm on the side with all the guns.

Every Democrat president in my lifetime (I was born during the Johnson administration) has been more classless and clueless than the last. IMO there hasn't been a decent Dem as President since Truman, and I never imagined they would get one elected that made me think fondly of the Clinton years.

I'm almost afraid to see who will be next.


agirlandhergun said...

I don't write about it either for the same reason. The others do it better, but just in case there was any doubt,I am on the side with the guns too:)

Larry said...

Sounds good, I have lots of Mosin ammo and I'm willing to share. :D

Thanks for dropping by AGirl!