12 April 2013

This Lack of Posting

has been brought to you by Glowbull Warming!

Well, sort of.

Back to work this week, after having two weeks off it was kind of tough getting back into it. That's not all bad though, it's been warm and sunny so I've been driving the convertible in to work. I need to stop that, I don't really like to take it to work in case I get into something really dirty, but I haven't been able to help myself. The car I wasn't going to put a lot of miles on now has 55K on the clock.

We're on mandatory overtime right now (not because we need it, because someone down the hall needs it so the managers figure if they need it everyone else does, too...I imagine it will last up until the bean-counters get the bill) so I'll be going in tonight. I'm forcing myself to take the Subaru.

Tomorrow will be nice and sunny, too. I think I'll try to find something to put on the grill.


RabidAlien said...

"Glowbull Warming: A New Personal Lubricant! It Gives You Wings!!!"

(from the makers of RedBull)

Anonymous said...

We'll wait


Larry said...


Thanks for dropping by guys. Hopefully there will be content sometime soon, if not there are always the links to the right. :D