03 August 2014


By way of Guffaw I found this article which I was reading to Eldest Son.

When I got to the end of the fourth paragraph, where it says "When they got here and found work, in the main, they taught their kids to be thankful for America and they raised their kids to be good citizens. That’s not what we are dealing with today" Eldest Son, who is not noted for his tact or political correctness, said "No, they're coming here now to suck the welfare donkey's d**k."

The statement was simultaneously crudely vulgar and yet completely correct.

If there weren't already lots of good reasons for me going to Hell, laughing at that would probably do it.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the acknowledgement - my apologies for not seeing this sooner! (came by to look for the September redhead!)

Primo! Thank you!


Larry said...

September's redhead will be published soon, work schedule permitting. Thanks for dropping by gfa!