05 November 2014


So it was a pretty good election day for the Republicans, not so much for the Democrats.

The Republicans picked up eight seats in the Senate, sixteen additional House seats (18 new ones minus two losses), and added four new governors as well. When the new Congress is seated in January it will be firmly in Republican control once again. Time will tell if they have the sense to hold it this time.

Everyone is talking about that, but there are a few things that it seems no one is talking about. Historical things, things that are happening for the first time ever.

One of those things is the election of a black man from the South, Senator Elect Tim Scott. He is not the first black Senator from the South, there have been others that were appointed in the years following the Civil War, but he is the first one elected to his position.

In the Congress Utah now has a solid Republican bench, re-electing three and adding one, Mia Love, who becomes the first black Republican woman ever.

Elsewhere, in New York Elise Stefanik becomes the youngest woman Congressperson ever and Senator Elect Joni Ernst is the first woman veteran elected to the Senate, and with that my birth state of Iowa now has two Republican senators for the first time in as long as I can remember.

Not bad for a bunch of sexist racist mouth-breathing gun-toting sister-swapping rednecks (and those are some of the more polite names I have been called).

And on another note so long/good riddance to the junior Senator from North Carolina, Kay Hagen, who was unable to win over Republican Thom Tillis even though the Democrats poured more money into her re-election campaign than has ever been spent in any election anywhere in the US.

What makes this particularly special is...I don't even particularly like Thom Tillis, and neither do a great number of North Carolina gun owners who remember his duplicity in stalling gun related bills in the NC state house, but as long as he remembers to stay bought he should be OK.

And last but certainly not least, since it is November it is the month of Thanksgiving. In that spirit, I leave you with something to be thankful for, this month's ROTM.


Guffaw in AZ said...

GREAT Redhead!



Larry said...

Glad to be of service. ;)

RabidAlien said...

Awesome ROTM!!!

I voted before work on Tuesday (my shift ends at 7pm, conveniently the same time the polls close around here). Have to say, I voted by party, not by individual, and voted for a party other than the two usual parties, simply because I tend to have a very hard time distinguishing between the politics of the two. A Democratic Republic, as Jefferson (?) said, will not survive in a two-party system. That being said....I'm frikkin glad that the Dems got steamrolled like they did, and would love to warn the GOP that, when The People get screwed like they have been, we WILL make our feelings known at the ballot box. Remember that. Learn from the Dems' lesson.

Larry said...

They SHOULD have learned in 2006 when they got booted in large numbers because they were spending like a bunch of Democrats. Since then the so-called "tea party" candidates have been growing in numbers, we will see if that makes a difference.

Robert Fowler said...

Another historical note. Joni Earnst is also the first woman elected to any federal office from Iowa.

I've talked to Joni a couple of times. She's smart, articulate and hot all in one package. Have you noticed that Republican women tend to be hot and Democrat women are rather unattractive ( I'm being nice).

Larry said...

Yeah, forgot to mention that, you inbred hicks did good. :D