26 December 2014

It's Not That Liberals Know Nothing...It's That So Much Of What They Know Is Wrong

I am a gun owner.

I have bought several guns.

I have bought guns from private individuals and I have bought guns from retail outlets.

If you buy a gun from a retail outlet you are GOING to get a background check...yes, even at a gun show...either on the spot through NICS or through your permitting process when you get your concealed carry permit (or in NC, your pistol purchase permit).

In some states you will even have to wait a week or so to take your purchase home, even though the background check has been done and the only thing that is happening is the clock is ticking.

If you are legally buying a gun from an individual, it is likely going to be someone you know personally or someone that someone you know personally knows personally.

Either way, a legitimate gun owner transferring a firearm in a private sale is NOT going to leave him/herself open to the tender mercies of the courts by knowingly selling a gun to someone who may use it in a crime.

If you think buying a gun is so easy let's run a simple check. Go buy a gun. Legally. Used or new, it doesn't matter. Now go buy a car. Buy a knife. Buy a bow and arrow. Which is easiest?

Criminals get their guns from many places. NONE OF THEM LEGAL. One more law is not going to stop them.

Please stop trying to "educate" me on how much easier it is to buy a gun than a *insert whatever object your internet meme tells you* or gun show loopholes or if we only had universal background checks, etc. etc. ad nauseum. Whatever the Facebook meme of the day is you can be sure of one thing, and one thing only.

It's probably bullsh!t.


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Anonymous said...

RabidAlien said it. What really annoys me about this is that anti-gun people refuse to acknowledge that criminals will get guns, legislation or no against them. They don't know the facts. They don't bother to check them, either. Concealed carry permits up, crime down. Simple enough? You'd think so.

Larry said...

You would think all of the slaughters that occur in unarmed victim...excuse me, gun free zones...would provide a clue.

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Greg said...

It really is true that the more things change, the more they stay the same. Mass murders happen in gun-free zones, yet the gun control advocates still insist on having no more guns. Would these atrocities have happened if carrying was legal in these areas? Probably in some cases, but definitely not all of them. But even if one life gets saved by a legally carrying individual, isn't it worth it?