09 January 2015

My First Official Act

One of the things you may or may not know about the ol' Scoundrel is I am an ordained minister through Universal Life Church (and you can be, too!) although I've never done any official clergy type stuff. I only got it so I could counter some jackass using his ordination as moral superiority in an online chat room. (remember those?) Not a very good reason, I agree, but it is a reason.

Now my bluff has been called, so to speak. I've been asked to officiate a wedding ceremony, and according to everything I have read so far I am qualified under the laws and guidelines of the State of North Carolina to do so.

I find this oddly satisfying, and since the person requesting is a close personal friend I am honored to do so. Said blessed event is over a year off, but I'll be ordering the required materials immediately so that the planning can be started.

I'm looking forward to this (which is another thing I find oddly satisfying).


Angus McThag said...

I've got a ULC ordination too and I'm a noted republic!


Notary Public!

I've done two weddings now, and the bride and groom were so nervous that all of my jitters were unnoticeable.

Larry said...

I guess we will just see how this one goes. :D

Chaplain Tim said...

I got my ULC ordination about seven years ago, so I could officiate at a friend's wedding. I've done a few other weddings since, no funerals yet. The wife thinks it's borderline sacrilege, since I didn't go to school to become a minister, but most of the rest of the family accepts it.
Tip for the first wedding: use note cards for the vows. Even the priests and ministers use a book or notes to keep the words straight, no reason you should deny yourself an aid.

Larry said...

Thanks for the tip! I do want to do a good job for them.