14 November 2015

What I Did Today

Today I watched M do this:

She used the Sig and did very well, as I expected since she did very well with it the first time she shot it. The next step will be to actually get the permit, but this step is done.

While I watched her do this I also sat through the class to refresh my own knowledge since I have to renew my permit in February.

It was a good day.


Anonymous said...


We need to get together sometime and turn money into smoke and noise, or at least break bread together. Life just keeps getting in the way. Take care, my friend!

Larry said...

Yes we do. :D

RabidAlien said...

Excellent! Welcome aboard, M!

Larry said...

She hasn't gotten the actual CCW yet, but this was the first step.

Greg said...

Congratulations. Can't go wrong with a Sig. I'm guessing getting the permit is just a formality at this point. CCW community continues to grow one at a time. Women are making the biggest membership jumps right now. Good news for personal defense advocates, bad news for thugs.

Larry said...

Yes, the permit is in the works. Next will be gun shopping for her; she likes the Sig but she liked Range Partner's Glock 21 even better. The problem is neither of them are very concealable for her...but that will be a problem for another day I guess.