26 June 2016


is the million dollar smile that caught my eye a little over a year ago.

When I saw it, I told myself that the right sort of fellow would make her smile all the rest of his life just so that he could see it, and at the end of that life would discover that he had not wasted a minute of it.

Much to my stunned surprise, she decided that I was the right sort of fellow. I've been working hard at keeping up my end of the bargain ever since.

She's not really fond of having her picture out in public, but since these have been posted on the Book of Faces I don't think she'll mind, just this once.


Erin Palette said...

That's a cute couple, right there.

Hey Larry, you're overdue for a Florida visit. Bring your new bride so I can meet her!

mindful webworker said...

There's not much at which I'm expert, but I know smiles. You're right - hers is a great one.

And the grin on that goofy-looking guy says happiness, too.

A very personal sharing; appreciated.

Larry said...

Yep, this goofy looking grin has been a staple for a bit over a year now. :)

Larry said...

You are right Erin, I am overdue for a Florida visit. My eldest daughter moved into a new place in J-ville and I need to bring a trailerful of her mom's stuff for her. I'll let you know!

RabidAlien said...


mpfs said...

Congratulations GGE. I am so happy for you. That smile is worth a million bucks!