10 June 2019

Old Dogs

Laura will be getting her dog back today.

On his last check up Boots had some swelling the docs wanted to take a closer look at, so today I dropped him off at their office for some Xrays and ultrasounds.

Dropped him in truth on the way out the door, actually, so he went in with a limp, the poor thing. His paw got caught in my shirt pocket as I went to put him down and he fell out of my arms. Xrays showed a broken outer toe in his left front paw.

Once there the tests showed that he has Cushing's Disease, an overproduction of cortisol. It causes a number of issues including tumors on the adrenal glands in some dogs, and of course he is one of them. The tumor is impinging on his heart as well.

So with the broken foot, his age (he's 14), and the extensive treatments needed for Cushing's it was determined that it would be kinder to just let him go.

So long buddy. Mommy is waiting.


phred said...

I'm sorry to hear about it, but it sounds like the boy has had a good run.

Larry said...

He did.

I'm somewhat ashamed to say it but I won't miss him much. He came into the house without my permission or consent, nor was my opinion sought beforehand, as a gift to my late wife. When she passed I was left to care for him even though we were never best of friends.

He had some (understandable) anxiety issues from that point on so he was never very far from me. Mrs Hades was very good for both of us but he never warmed up to her like she would have liked him to. Be that as it may, she is more upset by his passing than I am.

I have to say that even though I say I won't miss him much I do keep expecting to hear his claws ticking against the floor whenever I move from one room to the other.

I'm sure Laura will love having her dog back.

Thanks for dropping by phred.

mindful webworker said...

I do keep expecting to hear his claws ticking against the floor

Even when we don't get that attached, we get habituated. Peace, Pup.