16 October 2021

I See

 This damn dog eats everything.

Lately it's been my glasses. 3 pairs in the last month.

The first time it happened, I ordered two pair. Then when she ate another pair I ordered a replacement pair so I would still have two. Of course, before they got here she ate the other pair.

To do so she had to eat through the case they were in. The prior pair were just sitting on my bedside table, so I figured that a case would keep the "new" pair safe. I was wrong.

My new glasses got here today so I am once again visionary. I also have two more pair coming.

This pair is going in a lock box in my bedside table drawer. When the next two pair arrive they will go in the gun safe and I will hope I never need them. But, just in case she eats the entire bedside table just to get to my glasses, I will have replacements.

On a related note, Zenni Optical is a good place for inexpensive glasses.


James said...

Maybe it's the case she likes. I had a German Shepherd eat a bible once, and I'm pretty sure he picked that over the rest of the books because of the leather (or leather-like) cover.

Larry said...

The other two pair weren't in cases, I only put the last pair in the case to keep her from eating them. Unfortunately, it didn't work.