08 May 2007

Young America

We have heard it all our lives, about how the world is going to hell in a handbasket and that young people just don't have what it takes anymore.

Our folks were wrong about us, and we are wrong about our kids.

For every car stealing punk, there is a Marine who patrols.

For every rapist, a Navy corpsman who treats the wounded.

For every gang banger, an Airman that fixes jet motors.

For every drug pusher, a Soldier who drives a tank.

For every bitcher, whiner, and complainer there is a college student that marches, not in protest, but in the ROTC.

Meet a young lady who gets it.

Good luck with your dreams Holly, you are going to do great.

DOD photograph, elements of the 22nd MEU in training at Fort Pickett, VA


Hammer said...

I would hope it's 10 to one but I get the point.

Why do the criminal aholes get all the news coverage?

Larry said...

Because good news is no news, of course. Sad but true.
I don't know what the true ratio would be, but if the young men and women I served with are any indication, we are going to be fine.
I left my Navy in good hands.

Politics of a Patriot said...

Wow, I just found this... a lot later. Thank you so much. This honestly brought tears to my eyes.

I'm not longer blogging at politicsofapatriot.blogspot.com, but now at http://theoriginalpoap.blogspot.com.

Thank you, again...

Larry said...

You are more than welcome Holly. I'm sorry your Marine Corps experience wasn't what you had hoped, but from what I have seen of your writing, you are going to do well wherever you are.