19 June 2008

The Government We Deserve

So now certain members of the Federal Government have come completely out of the closet.

Not only did Maxine Waters threaten to nationalize (socialize) oil companies, now they are talking about seizing control of - excuse me, Nationalizing - the refineries.

I seriously wish SOMEBODY would review a little history. To start with, see United Soviet Socialist Republic and check out how well everything worked out for them over there.

What was the last thing we nationalized? Oh yes, the TSA. Now THAT'S a success story.

"You don't professionalize until you Federalize" or some such claptrap as that.

And they want to control your healthcare, too.

Addition: Comments on Mostly Cajun reminded me that the government took over the Mustang Ranch for non-payment of taxes and ran it into the ground. These idiots are so incompetent that they can't run a house of ill repute - and I don't mean the house of representatives, although the similarities are numerous - and make a profit. Just imagine what kind of a mess they would make of oil and healthcare.

Kinda gives you a queasy feeling, don't it?

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