06 June 2008

Spare Me Already

I can't wait for the day our "carbon dioxide footprint number" goes the way of "what's your sign" and disco.

Global warming my ass. Of course, they call it "climate change" now, as if the climate on this planet has never changed before.

Quick, someone call the dinosaurs and tell them it was all a big mistake!

I need some aspirin.

Addition, for all you stupid people. And you know who you are. Well, maybe you don't know who you are.

I'm not saying that the climate has not changed. It has, and it has gotten warmer in the last 30 years. I can remember snowstorms when I was growing up in Iowa, they would pile the snow in the middle of the main roads and take it out with front-end loaders and dump trucks. The banks in the roads would be higher than the cars. It has been many years since they have had that kind of snowfall as a regular event.

At the time, the doomsday theory was that the world would be overtaken in the next ice age, which would surely be upon us by the end of the century.

The ice age is not upon us, and the pendulum has swung back to Global Warming! as the inevitable result of all those carbon-spewing humans polluting the planet with their presence.

The globe has been warmer, even in the short span of human existence. Look up Viking settlements in Greenland, settlements that were abandoned because the world was destroyed by ice, caused by all those carbon spewing Viking Stupid Useless Vehicles running all over the place.

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