20 July 2008

Birthday Wishes

Today is her birthday. We won't be celebrating today because I have to work, so we went out last Wednesday.

I dropped a C note on dinner for the two of us, a bit extravagant but we hadn't been out for a while since she hasn't felt up to it. She was feeling OK Wednesday, so off we went.

Her hair is growing back, it's short but it's there. She didn't wear her head scarf like she usually does, she said she felt a bit self-conscious at first but after a while it was OK. The hair loss was a Big Deal, so I'm glad to see it come back in. Hopefully when it grows back in a bit more it will turn back to red, it's a bit dark at the moment. If not, there's always Clairol.

She's still suffering some from the chemo, it upsets her stomach, and since she just had a treatment on Tuesday we were hoping she would get some time before the onset of troubles.I suggested we wait until the week after her birthday, say on the Tuesday or Wednesday following, but she said it was more likely she would be feeling knocked down the week after the treatment rather than the week of.

Unfortunately that didn't happen, so she's been feeling the effects of our night out for the past couple of days. But it was still worth it.

Happy Birthday Boo. Glad you are feeling better.


Greg said...

I think my last comment got chowed!

Please let your wife know my thoughts and prayers are with her.
I've faced the same dragon and she can beat it if I did. Mostly because I'm just a big whimp...and I am sure she's 100x's tougher than I ever could hope to be!!



Larry said...

I will certainly pass on the kind wishes Cissnarl. She is doing well, a couple of more treatments and, according to the docs, it should be over and done with except for the regular checkups.
Thanks for dropping by, come back any time!