21 July 2008


Can't afford meat, but apparently twinkies are still on the menu.

Hm. Subsidized housing. Unemployed, as are her siblings and sibling's spouses. Food stamps and welfare. Never had a job. No high school diploma. No marketable skills.

Here's the Red Curtain of Blood Money Quote:

People tell Nunez her daughter could get more money in public assistance if she had a child.

"A lot of people have told me, 'Why don't your daughter have a kid?'"


Hey, here's an idea for you. Go to the local junior college, sign up for the free GED courses, actually pass them, and GET A JOB! So your van's broke down? Take a bus! Or how about WALK, you look like you could use the exercise.

Once you stop living off of MY dime maybe you will be able to afford meat. Or Jenny Craig.

Do you get the idea that people who have never planned for their future and whine about the way their lives turn out just really infuriate me?

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