22 May 2009

Historical Questions

The Hotel Buena Vista in Biloxi MS had an open air deck on it's top where this lady would perform.

Her regular clientele in 1949 and 1950 included a young Army Air Corps (precursor to the US Air Force) soldier and his buddies, who would scrape up the money for a cab ride from the base to hear her sing.

That young Army Air Corps soldier was Pop.

Every night there was a drawing for a bottle of champagne, and when he and his friends were there she would somehow arrange for them to win the bottle.

Her name was Jean, her last name (inscribed on the photo) was either Wilson or Nelson. I'm leaning towards Wilson because there is a dot just above and to the left of the L in her signature.

Does anyone know this lady? I would be very curious where she is now and how her life turned out. She would be in her 80's now.

If you have any knowledge of Ms Wilson/Nelson's whereabouts, please post in the comments section.

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