30 January 2010

And It Continues

The snow is back.

I just cleaned that car off not five hours ago, and if you look at the post below you can see where the driveway clearing was in progress.

The dog has decided that he does not like that funny white stuff, it sticks to his feet and makes them cold. I had to shovel a path for him (that or find "presents" in the house).

He's as spoiled as his owner, I think.

My plans for tonight have not otherwise changed.


DW said...

Hey, Sorry to hear about your wifes elephant.talk to her about everything you can as much as you can. Listen to every word and explore their feelings.I'm pretty sure this will not end as we would wish.

Larry said...

I am pretty sure I know how it ends DW, but it has taught us to cherish each and every moment. Thanks for dropping by.