25 February 2010

This Is Why

If for no other reason, this is why Obamacare and any of it's zombie cohorts must be stopped, at all costs.

These life saving drugs are developed by the evil pharmaceutical companies, much like Adam Smith's baker, not out of some sense of altruistic generosity, but out of a quest for profit. Seven hundred million dollars were pledged to develop the drug in the story, not government dollars but private ones. Roche, the Swiss pharmaceutical company that invested these millions, stands to make billions if the drug is approved for use.

This money was invested in order to treat and possibly cure a deadly disease. Out of this drug others may be developed that could successfully treat other types of cancers. It will take years to develop them and bring them to market, but maybe one day the scourge of modern man can be defeated as polio was defeated in the last century.

Under socialized medicine the profits would not be worth the investment, and medicines like this will not be developed. Capitalism is the prod that drives these innovations, a search for products that will bring their developers wealth and sometimes fame. I wish Roche all the best in their search for outrageous fortune.

They will deserve it. They will have earned every dollar.

HT: Legal Insurrection

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