10 March 2010

Fun With Doctors

She has been in the hospital since Saturday.

Monday came and went, and no one on the hospital staff bothered to call her oncologist to let him know she was there.

Yesterday I went to take her some clothes and talked to the doc that was attending. He was a dark swarthy fellow that was obviously born off shore somewhere. I asked him if they had bothered to call Doc Hunter yet. What I got was a roundabout BS story that basically ended with "no."

I dropped by the clinic and told them she was next door. They were annoyed that the hospital had not bothered to inform them. Doc Hunter stomped over and raised hell with them, and then issued a new set of marching orders.

If all goes well she will be home tomorrow.

UPDATE: She's home tonight. Everyone is glad to see her, especially puppy.


Moose1942 said...

Man having loved ones in the hospital sucks. Lame doctors not notifying the primary doctor. Glad to hear she's home.

Prayers sent on behalf of you and yours.

Larry said...

Thanks Moose, it is appreciated.