08 April 2010

Dealing With Pirates

Early last week pirates fired on and tried to capture US Navy frigate USS Nicholas. Apparently they could not tell the difference in the dark between a US Navy warship and an unarmed civilian freighter.

It was their hope to hold the ship for ransom. Instead the ship returned fire, sinking them, and captured their mother ship. To put it lightly, it didn't end well for them.

Well done USS Nicholas.

Later last week a tanker came under attack and called for help. A Swedish patrol aircraft located the scene of the attack and US Navy destroyer USS Farragut responded to the scene. Again it did not end well for the pirates as another mother ship was sunk.

Well done USS Farragut.

Experts say piracy will continue to be a problem until an effective government is established on Somalia's lawless shores, but if enough pirates are captured or killed it might persuade the rest them to find another line of work.


moose1942 said...

Whoo hoo charbroiled sunken pirates that's the way to do it!

If all freighters traveling through the area had a few Browning .50bmg's on board piracy would end overnight.

Seriously the only reason they take ships hostage is because they KNOW the freighters are defenseless.

Larry said...

That's true, but you would think they could recognize a guided missile destroyer.
Thanks for dropping by Moose.

Mike Mendez said...

While a 50 cal is good, a 5 inch 54 cannon will introduce them to Davy Jones real quick.
Survivors should be made to walk the plank.

Larry said...

Pirates will be shot, survivors will be shot again?
Sounds good to me.
Thanks for dropping by Mike!