01 April 2010

Nice Timing

So apparently there are two ceremonies in the state of North Carolina, or at least that is what happened in this case.

At any rate, I went to the magistrates office this afternoon to witness Middle Daughter's marriage. In the eyes of the State of North Carolina, she is now lawfully hitched although the paperwork won't be filed until Monday.

The ceremony that everyone is going to be present at will still be Saturday, and that is the day that they will celebrate their anniversary on, but officially, they were married on April Fool's Day.

At any rate, Eldest Daughter has arrived and Middle Daughter has gone to be surprised by her presence. Hamburgers and steaks on the grille will be the order of the day.


Brigid said...

Congratulations to your daughter! Family all around to celebrate. That makes for a memory you'll have for a long time.

Larry said...

Thanks Brigid, indeed it will be a memory for the ages.

It will make for a busy weekend as well; Eldest Son's birthday is today and the "real" wedding is tomorrow, and then it's Easter Sunday.

Thanks for dropping by!

Guy S said...

What a wonderful time of the year to be joining together in holy matrimony! The time of year symbolizing rebirth/new beginnings. And Easter on top of all that.

Imagine you will be tired (but it will be that "good kinda tired") from all that transpires. Wish the daughter (and new son-in-law) all the best.

Larry said...

Thanks Guy, and thanks for dropping by!