21 May 2010

ER Blues

Tuesday the wife had another biopsy, the results of this one will be used to more closely tailor a treatment routine. It's finally happening, it just needs to happen quicker. She hasn't had a treatment in over 2 months.

(To start the day off right, I pulled the latch to check the oil in the car and the cable broke. One more thing to fix on TDP (That Damn Pontiac).)

Wednesday we went to the ER, same issues with the nausea and vomiting. The day shift staff there was not much help, the doctor locked on like a laser beam to the fact that she was short of breath (pain will do that to you) and decided he needed to determine that the biopsy had caused blood clots in the lungs which was causing the shortness of breath.

I tried to tell him that the problem was nausea, meaning she couldn't keep her pain meds down, which means she was in pain and couldn't catch her breath. Obviously since he was so much smarter than me he ignored everything I said. We left against medical advice, not that it was doing any good anyway.

(Note to people holding PhD's in medicine: you might be the greatest physician since Hippocrates, but if you have no bedside manner you aren't a doctor. God gave you two ears and one mouth for a reason. Also, people not in pain are much more reasonable than people in pain.)

Tonight she's back in the ER, but the night shift understands what the basic problem is (having seen her several times for the same thing). She's resting comfortably now with an IV to replace fluids and meds for the nausea and pain. Next week we go back to Rocky Mount, and hopefully a plan of treatment.

I just wish they could do something for the frequent bouts of nausea.


Anonymous said...

Larry: Haven't the doctors prescribed an anti-nausea med for her?

I went through all this stuff 1979--1986, so the prescribed meds were very different then. I know that today they can use a wide range of anti-nausea drugs that just weren't available back then.

I hate to hear of anyone going through cancer treatment, but especially if tey're suffering from nausea like I did.

Hang in there.

Larry said...

Oh yes, she has two different ones. The insurance company will pay for 12 a month on the first one, but when the bad bouts hit nothing seems to help. I'm hoping the docs will figure something out soon, to see her like that is sometimes about all I can stand.
Thanks for dropping by!

Cowboy Catholic said...


I'm sure you already know this, but just in case...you have got to make yourself a pain in the ass. Bug those doctors until they moan when they see you!

I'm on my way out for the evening, but when I get back I'll look up some online support groups that are really good about giving caretakers and patients ideas about what to suggest to your doctor. I didn't use them when I was going through it--hell the internet didn't exist then!--but I have been blessed by the associated sites that talk about side effects experienced by long-term survivors.


Larry said...

Thanks Cowboy, I'd appreciate that.