07 May 2010

Humble Pie

On one of the email lists that I am on we have a guy that will get his head wrapped around a single issue, or sometimes a detail about a single issue, and worry it to death.

I got rather short with one of my replies to him and then found out that he suffers from Autistic Spectrum Disorder which is why he focuses on single things like he does.

Of course this made me feel like a heel and prompted an apology, which he seemed to take without any problems. Sometimes a recalibration to the patience setting is needed, and I guess that was a pretty effective way of letting me know it was due.

It doesn't let anyone off the hook that suffers from simple stupidity, however, and the world is full of them.


Mike Mendez said...

Reminds me of an old prayer:
Lord grant me patience - right now!

Larry said...

LOL, ain't that right...and the wisdom to hide the bodies...
Thanks for dropping by Mike!