12 September 2010

Burning Down The House

If you find it offensive that some would object to the building of a mosque two blocks from ground zero because of the concepts of freedom of speech, why do you find it offensive that others would want to burn books? Isn't the concept of freedom of speech still the same?

And the only thing that Gen. Petraeus said was this will make it harder for the troops to do their jobs and put them in more danger. To all of you who were bothered by that statement, what's the big deal? Does he not have the right to voice an opinion as well?

And to all of you who opine that the lives of US troops are made to be sacrificed, I have as much contempt for you as I did for the leftists that espoused the same beliefs not long ago, and the same vitriolic level of hatred for you. How dare you presume to spend such precious coin so carelessly?

Once again, the bottom line is just because you can doesn't necessarily follow that you should.


Guy S said...

Any lives of those who serve, directly or indirectly, in defense of this nation, should not be taken lightly.

That having been said, when we "put on the uniform", it was at least implied that we may, in the course of our time in service, be placed in harms way. Whether it is by the direct actions of our senior military leaders, the C-in-C, or the capriciousness of "fate", it matters not.

The real culprit(s) here are not, the General or the Preacher (though both do not help the situation, by their words/actions)

Rather it lies squarely in the laps of the press/media (and their coverage of same) and the Muslims.

The first, stoked the fires (no pun intended) of what should have been a "non-story". The second will use anything it is able to, in order to create an issue/reason to promote/advance continued violence of their vile philosophy.

Larry said...

Agreed, on all points. It is our hope when we put on the uniform that if our lives need be sacrificed, that they be sacrificed for a cause we can believe in and not needlessly. Fate being the bitch she is does what she pleases, when she pleases.
What I don't like is the fury being directed towards Gen Petraeus for daring to voice the opinion that troops will die because of this. If it were any other thing, flag burning for instance, the Conservatives would be on the General's side. That's what rubs me the wrong way.
Not only that, but when I hear the Conservatives voicing the same "troops are meant to die" philosophy that the Liberals used to support their own personal arguments, my head explodes. If it's wrong for one, it's wrong for all.
Thanks for dropping by Guy!

Guy S said...

And I agree the "troops are meant to die" line needs to disappear ASAP. Don't care who says it (left or right, it don't matter). And had it been done within my range (limited though it may be) of hearing, I think my boot or fist would have instinctively (reflexively??) responded.

And thanks for letting me "drop by" *grin*