26 September 2010

The Right To License

Is the right to deny.

I don't remember where I heard that first, it was on some radio show or another, so I can't properly attribute it. That doesn't make it any less so.

At any rate, RTWT, pay particular attention to the comments, and if you live in Cleveland JUST SAY NO!

HT: American Digest, story on the sidebar.


Mike Mendez said...

What good does registration do?
Why should a law abiding citizen have to give the cops an inventory of his legal property?

Larry said...

The only reason for registration is so that the .gov knows where the guns are when it comes time to round them up. If anybody tells you there is another reason, they are either sadly mistaken or outright lying to you. The probability that they are outright lying to you approaches unity if they are a politician.
Thanks for dropping by Mike!