24 October 2010

Certain As Death And Taxes

One of the things that really annoys me is the practice of several Eastern states to levy a property tax on motor vehicles. Virginia at least made some noise to the effect of eliminating it once, but as far as I know North Carolina never has.

The personal property tax on vehicles is levied by each individual county and is a completely separate thing from the sales tax that you pay on newly-bought vehicles when you put the tags on them. The State collects the sales tax.

I got the tax hit for the Mustang today. Four bills, amounting to about 1% or $100 per $10,000 assessed value. I also got the trailer bill, which was a little over $5.00 (I paid a little over $500 for the trailer).

It's a little concerning to me that I didn't get the tax bill for the Baja since I bought it before the Mustang or the trailer either one. I'll have to call the Franklin County tax assessor's office tomorrow to see if it got sent out. That will be another C note if the 1% rate holds true.

Last year I paid less than a hundred dollars for all my vehicles, but then again last year all my vehicles were crap anyway.

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