04 October 2010

What Color

for prostate cancer awareness month, which was September?

How about lung cancer awareness month? Who can tell me what month that is without looking it up?

Cancer is a terrible disease. I don't need a color to make me aware of it.


Brigid said...

Lung cancer has taken two in my life and those of a lot of people I care about.

No cancer is good, but all deserve awareness.

Larry said...

Indeed, all deserve awareness.
Thanks for dropping by Brigid!

Anniee451 said...

Not to mention a lot of people have been pointing out that the Komen foundation doesn't really do much except sell pink stuff that makes you think you're doing something. From what I've read they don't DO much except raise awareness, whereas people think they are directly contributing to research and so forth. My husband asked why prostate cancer doesn't get such hoopla and I guess it's because you can't sell sex with twigs-n-berries cancer as much as you can sell breast cancer with things like the Boobie-a-thon (for $50 you can look at lots of tits and it's all for the cause.) But I'm with you, cancer is cancer and it's all worth awareness.

Larry said...

Good to see you again Annie!