12 December 2010

Winter Party

Last night we had the company Christmas party.

I'm not much for parties as parties go, but it was OK.


Laura said...

We have our party after New Years because they're too cheap to do it prior. Srsly.

Larry said...

At least they have a professional Christmas Spider decorator.
Thanks for dropping by Laura!

Mike Mendez said...

Be happy your company does anything at all - mine doesn't!
Not a damn thing...
Still waiting to see if I'll be mandated to work on Christmas. Usually they have 1 or 2 guys work, and everyone else has off, and 1 guy has volunteered already.

Larry said...

Kind of sad that your employer doesn't do anything at all.
You know how it is here, if even one production tech is working then maintenance will be glad to be here as well.
Thanks for dropping by Mike!

Guy S said...

Ours does nothing as well. However, the only day of the year all employees have off is Christmas day, so there is that. (Which in my case was not an extra day off, as one of my two regular days off is now a "work day" to compensate for having Christmas off.)

Still, looking at the bright side, tis better then having no job at all.

Larry said...

Indeed, Guy, being employed is preferable to not being employed.
The company I work for is good for a lot of things, not so good for other things, but all in all it's something that I can live with.
Thanks for dropping by!