03 December 2010

Six Months

Nurses today rarely wear the uniform that they are famous for. My sister had a picture taken when she graduated from nursing school, in her white smock with her white nurse's cap.

The nurse that day wore no cap, nor did she wear a smock. It was chilly in the cardio unit, even during the dead heat of a North Carolina summer, so she wore a sweater over her surgical scrubs as she efficiently went about her business.

She patted my arm as she walked out, her face full of sympathy. "She doesn't need me now" she whispered, and then she was out the door.

I sat and held her hand, an eternity, an instant; the eternity between her breaths, the instant between life and death. Fifteen minutes later it was over; the eternity and the instant both.

Six months later we prepare for what was her favorite holiday. I will remember how much she loved the season, how much she loved me, and how much I loved her. I pray that somehow this little comfort will be enough.


cary said...

You know, it still brings tears to think about it.

Prayers and thoughts, Larry.

cmblake6 said...

Sorry for your loss brother. Think of her joy of the season, smile in memory of that.

The Old Man said...

God bless you, amigo. I feel your loss, because I can see what how I would be under the same circumstances, although I haven't been tasked with it yet.
Hang in there and believe that she is doing better than she was and you will do better also.

May your faith in your god help you.

Larry said...

Thanks all. It's still tough sometimes Cary. It's that memory that keeps me going sometimes cmblake6. I pray that you won't be tasked with it for a great long time Old Man.
Thanks for dropping by everyone.