14 January 2011


Jared Loughner was not a domestic terrorist. He was a crazy man.

Terrorists commit their acts for the specific purpose of affecting the political climate to make political statements or political changes.

Jared Loughner committed his act specifically to kill Representative Gifford because she couldn't come up with an answer to his nonsensical question.

No agenda. No terrorism. Just crazy.


Brigid said...

Being LEO I can't reall discuss this sort of thing on the blog, but yeah, you said it.

Larry said...

Disappointing, if entirely predictable, how the usual suspects are trying hard to pin blame.
Thanks for dropping by Brigid!

cmblake6 said...

Exactly. And having never been treated for same, he passed the NICS. Do not blame the tool, blame the operator.

Larry said...

Thanks for dropping by!