20 January 2011

It's A Shooter

The Arisaka tested good, so it's ammo I'm looking for instead of a display rack.

I dropped by the local local Merchant of Death (the one where the Arisaka was is all the way across Raleigh from here) and put an order in for 6.5x50 Japanese. The supplier is out of stock, so they are going to put the request in and let me know when it will be available.

But, since I am impatient, I also ordered a box of 129 grain Hornady and a box of 140 grain Hornady from Graf & Sons. It is being shipped via FedEx and will hopefully be here soon.

In the meantime I have a bottle of Old English wood oil and I am rubbing down the stock. The first couple of applications soaked right in with no noticeable effects, but the shine is starting to come back now after numerous additional coats. The stock was pretty dry, but it is in good shape otherwise for a 100 year old rifle. Compare the picture here with the one here to see the difference.

When the ammo gets in I'll take it to the range and check it out, report to follow.

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