03 September 2012

Labor Day Weekend

This weekend was well named, I spent most of it laboring.

It was a regular four day weekend for me, but the company threw in Sunday and Monday as well (for the bargain price of vacation days) so I have been away from work for going on six days.

Wednesday I slept, as is normal for me working nights. A bit of grilling capped off the day. Thursday the bling came in for the car and I got it installed and took some of the pieces for engraving. I wasn't expecting them back until Friday, but they surprised me by having them there that day. I put them on as well and the results were very satisfying.

Then the weekend started in earnest.

The first day I got up early and went to the lumber yard to get some 2x4's and plywood. The intent was to rebuild the shed doors and then build some reloading benches. I got the doors pulled off the shed and one of them rebuilt before nightfall. Grilling ended up this day as well.

The second day started off with Cars n' Coffee at Waverly Place, and when I got home the second shed door got finished and both were re-hung on the shed. The shed doors are now presentable with fresh wood, but they could use some paint. Everything else got stored away because we were expecting rain.

The third day we fished.

The first fishing spot we went to was lakeside, we had never been there before and didn't have much luck. This slithery fellow showed up, stuck his head out of the water for a minute or so and then moved down the bank a few feet and repeated his performance. Based on his markings I'm calling him a banded watersnake. He left us alone and we did the same for him.

Youngest Son snagged his line on  something while we were there and I broke his rod trying to pull it loose, so we had to go get another rod for him. Since we weren't having much luck lakeside anyway we went to the fishing pier instead.

We had a bit better luck there.

Youngest Son was the big winner in the fishing contest, he caught three catfish. Only two of them were (barely) big enough to keep, but keep them we did.

I managed to mildly annoy two very small fish, much to Youngest Son's amusement. They went back in the lake for a future engagement.

It was the first time we had been fishing in a very long time, and it was time very well spent.

Today I'm hoping to at least start on the benchwork for my reloading toys, but this will necessitate some cleaning out of the shed first so I will be laboring this Labor Day.

I hope your weekend was good as well.


Robert Fowler said...

Nothing like fishing with the youngsters. I love to take my grandsons fishing.

Larry said...

I like fishing, too, although I'm not very good at it (as can be evidenced by my fish count). My brother, now, he can drop a string into a mud puddle and come out with a 10 lb bass.

Thanks for dropping by Robert!

Austin Wedding Photography said...

My father loves fishing and I really don't know why. My mother always complains about his hobby because it's really expensive. Well, I can't really blame anyone about their hobby because anyone has its way to enjoy themselves.

Larry said...

It could be worse. It could be narrow gauge N scale trains. :D

Thanks for dropping by Jessica!