23 September 2012

Weekend Adventures

Saturday was supposed to be a display day with the Mustang club, but Friday night Eldest Sister called and asked for my help to move.  She needed my little trucklet and trailer to move the big stuff to her new place.

Youngest Son and I went up Friday night, stayed over and worked all the next day until after midnight helping them put everything in. I didn't get a picture of the rosebushes, but there are pink roses all along the front of the house bordered with those little lights that come on at dusk. It's a nice place, but my favorite part of the house was this:

Knotted pine paneling and matching bookshelves on one side of the fireplace, the other side is where her knotted pine entertainment center sits, it's a perfect match. I could just imagine my entire book collection on those shelves...well, maybe not all of it, but quite a bit of it anyway.

We got home this morning about 4:30 AM, I did my laundry and caught a little nap just in time to get up and spray some carburetor cleaner in the Idle Air Control Valve mounting hole on the Subaru before getting ready to go to work. The check engine light is presently extinguished, we will see how long it lasts this time.

I'm hoping next week is a little less busy.

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RabidAlien said...

Lookin good, dude! Only thing I would change...just personal preference, of course....the bookcases would extend all the way to the ceiling. Heh. But I tend to have a lot of books!

Gotta love that feeling when you finish putting on the final touches, step back, wipe your hands on your work-tshirt, cast a critical eye over the project, and think "yeah. I did that."