18 September 2013

Breaking News

Starbucks is tired of being ground zero on the gun debate and wishes gun owners to stop carrying in their stores. And to drive home the point that we are our own worst enemies, gun owners decide to be dicks about it.

UPDATE: EDIT TO ADD: The whole point behind the open carry movement is to let the citizenry see us out and about amongst them doing normal people things, JUST LIKE THEM, except with a sidearm. Our goal is to make them comfortable with us carrying, or at least not terrified of us just because ZOMG!!! GUN!!! We never expected to convince the antis, our goal was to convince the fence sitters. How do you think we did in this instance? END EDIT

I'm sure that the carry of pistols wasn't such a big deal, but the first jackass that brought a rifle in started the decline. Seriously people, just because you can do something doesn't mean that you should, and rather than just thank them for their position we chose to make them a battleground.

And now Starbucks will likely adopt the policy that the anti-gunners wanted them to adopt all along and post their stores, therefore making it illegal to carry in their stores, and it will be our fault. We have effectively moved Starbucks from the "neutral" column towards the "enemies" column.

Well done.


Anonymous said...

One reason I don't open-carry. Knowing I can is enough ... why stir the pot against me because I choose to shove it in someone's face?

Won't change any minds of those already against; might change against me of someone not particularly caring.

Like "Gay Pride Parades".

Or Starbucks.


RabidAlien said...

There was another "policy" update posted over at gunfreezone.net where basically their policy is "if you see someone carrying a gun, in accordance with your state laws....don't worry about it." I took this letter as a "please go play on someone else's lawn", a request to leave their shops out of it. Worded badly, and with personal feelings thrown in, but they still did not demand that nobody carry.

But I agree, there are those who carried it too far and were total turdburgers about the whole "hey its my right!" thing.

Me, personally....I'm not a big fan of coffee of just about any flavor, much less something that overpriced. So they're not losing much if I don't go out of my way to visit their franchises any less than I do now.

Larry said...

Q, exactly. The whole point of open carry is to desensitize the public, to get them used to seeing armed people going about their day to day routine just like anyone else, so they don't loose their sh!t whenever they see someone with a gun. Showing up with an AR-15 is a bit over the line, but that's what happened, and doing this doesn't show OC'ers in a good light. Counterproductive, in other words.

RA, I get the idea that if someone OC's into one of their stores they aren't going to kick up a fuss about it, but they're asking us to go play somewhere else. The polite thing to do is honor their wishes, but some of these asshats are going to do what they want regardless, and the next step is to see the stores posted. That's what I think will happen.

Thanks for dropping by!

RabidAlien said...

Yep, I can see that happening too...although, as someone said, the CEO can (and has) read the daily take from all of those "buy-cott" days. Alienating ALL gun-owners would put a sizable dent in his profit margins, which would have to be explained to the stockholders...not an enviable position to be in. My guess is that, most likely, there will be "strongly worded letters", but things will go on as normal. Second guess would be along the lines of what you said, eventually their shops will be posted. No skin off my back, either way.

cmblake6 said...

You see my comment at The Rott? I didn't think that much about their product anyway, but now it's a flat guarantee I won't go there.

Larry said...

I didn't see it but I'll go look. As for me, I didn't care if they were pro as long as they weren't anti.

Thanks for dropping by cmblake!