07 September 2013

Range Day

The new Grok shoots well but both Daughter and I need to work with it. I started with the 36 and was putting them pretty close to center but too far left and slightly down. Daughter started with the 19 and was shooting down and right. When I shot the 19 I was shooting down and left. Pretty safe to say that was me and not the guns. Range Partner tried it out and was shooting dead center but high. I only brought 100 rounds, I should have brought at least twice and maybe three times that much, so we really didn't get to shoot it as much as we wanted to.

We did pick up more brass than we shot, so now I need to get the 9mm dies and projectiles. On the way home we stopped by the Mart of Walls and got a 9mm boresnake for cleaning and also scored another 200 rounds of 9mm, one 100 round box and two 50 rounders. So not only did we bring home more 9mm brass than we left with, we also brought more 9mm ammo home than we left with.

The EBS shot way low to begin and we had a bit of a dilemma when I went to adjust the sight, it takes an allen wrench and I didn't bring any. Fortunately I had a Torx tip that worked and I was able to get the gun to pattern pretty much right where the sight said it should be. Once again I am done with the modifications on this gun, and I really mean it this time!

Smoke and noise and a chance to meet up with Range Partner always makes for a good day.

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