19 October 2013

Dyno II

Piedmont Custom Motorsports had a dyno day today so I took the Firefly down to see how much difference the tune made.

Last time the numbers were 357.80 and 336.60 HP and torque respectively, not bad on a stock car with 15K on the clock.

Today's numbers were 372.94 and 341.71, a gain of 15 HP and 5 lb/ft respectively. Adding in the estimated 16.5% loss from the automatic driveline gives me 446.6 HP and 409.2 lb/ft at the crank. This squares with the fact I put up better numbers than an unmodified Boss, which is rated at 444HP at the crank. It also verifies what the seat-of-the-pants dyno suggested, that the tune made a noticeable difference.

I think I like it.


Angus McThag said...

Good to see you're catching up...


Larry said...

Ha ha. How many cubes does it take you to do that again? ;)

Thanks for dropping by McThag!

Angus McThag said...

Careful, the ricers started that HP/L stuff... You don't wanna end up with a book shelf on your trunk lid and a 47 speed transmission!

All in all I am constantly amazed at how modern cars perk up with a quick fiddle of the code without any loss in mileage or drivability.

One thing about the new Mustangs I do hate though, that damned headrest! No matter what I do, that thing keeps smacking the back of my head. It's a deal breaker for a car I'd otherwise be happy buying. Which kinda sucks since the Camaro and Challenger are kinda bloated.

Larry said...

Ta da! Tilting headrests!


I have a set (first mod I made, in fact) and they make all the difference. Of course the new ones have tilting headrests from the factory now.