25 October 2013

This Makes Me A Little Sad

Forrestal was my first floating home, from 1986 to 1990, while I was with VF-31. Lots of memories made on this ship, some good and some not so good. I am saddened that she will face the scrappers torch, and her final sale price is just the last insult to such a proud vessel.

She was first offered to Baltimore as a museum but the association that was formed to accept her could not raise the funds to build the mooring and supporting structures. Then she was designated to become a reef, far enough out to prevent divers from reaching her. Now she will become scrap metal, never to feel the sea on her skin again. In my opinion it would have been better for her to become that reef.

Farewell old friend. You served your nation and your Navy well. You shall not be forgotten.


Robert said...

I feel your pain, my friend. Such ships deserve better. I was quite saddened when I heard my home of three years(CV64)was going to meet a similar fate. It's odd how I couldn't wait to get off her near the end of my tour and now still miss parts of that life years later.

Larry said...

I did a det on the Connie way back when, once upon a time, when I was stationed at Pax. We qual'd the deck when she came out of the yards, this would have been in the early 90's.

Thanks for dropping by Robert.