13 June 2015

And So We Begin

I am now the proud owner of a three stone setting in white gold that is on its way to the jeweler to have the topazes removed and a pink sapphire installed in the center.

After the sapphire is in I will be getting an estimate to install diamonds into the outer settings.

M is the proud owner of a bundle of nerves.


RabidAlien said...

Are congratulations and a round of drinks in order?!? Dood!!!!

MSgt B said...

Congrats, Squid.

Larry said...

RA, she says I can't "officially" ask until I have the ring in hand...which she is helping to design so that she can have what she wants (at my insistence, not hers)...but I'm pretty sure what the answer will be. :D

MSgt B, thanks zoomie.

RabidAlien said...

::raises glass:: Rock on, y'all!